4 Quick Fixes for Men's Skin

Dear Men… We tend to see a lot of your significant others, and from time-to-time questions about your skin comes up. Believe it or not, occasionally washing your face with a bar of soap isn’t doing the job. So, we’ve compiled this list of the common issues we hear about and what you can do to fix it.



Oily Skin that looks ‘shiny’ and feels oily to the touch – particularly across the forehead, nose and cheekbones – is crying out for a good scrubbing with a quality product like GlyPro Exfoliating Facial Cleanser from SkinMedica. Plus you’ll get some you’ll get some great fringe benefits from the key ingredients. The Glycolic Acid will diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the Olive Leaf Extract (a highly active antioxidant and soothing agent) will improve skin hydration without the oil.



Visible Pores and Blackheads are treated in the same way. You need to regularly scrub your skin, use a light moisturizer and keep your pores clean. If you want to go one step further Epicuren makes a great Volcanic Clay Purifying Mud Mask to help decrease oil and detoxify and purify the skin. Just remember, you can’t ‘close’ open pores permanently but clean ones are much less visible.

As for popping/extracting blackheads, it’s best to get this done professionally. Make an appointment at Werschler Aesthetics and they will remove blackheads with a special tool. Do it yourself and you risk scarring your skin or turning those blackheads into painful spots.

We understand that you probably don’t want a complicated daily skincare regimen. If you only take away one tip it should be to wash your face everyday with a quality cleanser



Wrinkled skin around the most expressive parts of your face, corners of your eyes, forehead and around your mouth, needs moisture to plump up the skin around the wrinkles to make them look less apparent. Make sure you moisturize every day with some of our best wrinkle fighters, we have many…TNS Recovery Complex, TNS Essential Serum, iS Clinical Youth Serum, iS Clinical Youth Complex, just to name a few. Feel free to stop in and our knowledgeable staff will help you chose the product that’s right for you.

If you need dramatic improvement consider Botox. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 400,000 men received Botox injections in 2014, marking a 337 percent increase since 2000. For many men the goal isn’t to look younger, but to look better, well-rested, and fit!



Redness in your face (usually in the cheeks and nose), whether you’re embarrassed or not, can be treated with Redness Relief Complex from SkinMedica. If the redness is extreme or you can’t seem to tame it no matter what you try, make an appointment with Spokane Dermatology Clinic to see about getting a stronger medicated cream designed to alleviate the condition.

We understand that you probably don’t want a complicated daily skin-care regimen. If you only take away one tip it should be to wash your face everyday with a quality cleanser. Stop by or send in your significant other to pickup a great cleanser and an Alpha Fit by Clarisonic (it’s specifically engineered to get men’s skin cleaner and healthier looking). See you soon!