5 Ways to Hide a Double Chin

Usually double of something is a good thing, double your money, stunt double, double chocolate fudge, but there is one double that we universally don’t want in our lives, and that’s the double chin.   That extra layer living around your neck line is especially irksome because such a small area can really change the way you feel about your appearance.   With that in mind, here at Werschler Aesthetics, we came up with some cheats, techniques, and treatments that can battle the double chin and help you feel more confident.


1. Show a little skin.Try unbuttoning your shirt a little, or wearing V-neck and scoop neck tops.  This little trick will bring focus to your collarbones, throat and if you’re feeling adventurous, a little cleavage!   Also, wearing turtlenecks, chokers or short necklaces doesn’t cover up your chin, it only accentuates that area, so avoid those items, and instead wear long, loose necklaces and small earrings to keep focus away from your chin.

2. Use your hair style appropriately.Use your haircut with the same idea in mind as number one on the list – have your hair fall just below the ears, or go for a long and layered style.  Either of these choices will bring the eye’s focus away from your problem area, and mitigate the effects of double chin.

3. Living healthy and active.Of course some of the simple ways to reduce and contain a double chin is through exercise and diet.  Overall weight loss will reduce the appearance of a double chin, and eating healthy creates vibrant skin, all things that alleviate the effects of double chin.

4. Make the rest up with make-up.Bringing attention to your jawline is one of the best ways to conceal your double chin, try using a darker color powder along the problem area.  This creates an effect making the chin appear further from the face, which can hide your double chin effectively.  Don’t forget that just bringing focus to other parts of your face helps too, so accentuate the cheekbones and eyes, and add a little extra color to your lips!

5. A new, non-surgical technique. Over the last few years, a new non surgical treatment for attacking that double chin has blossomed into a safe, relatively quick, and effective way to clean up the extra skin and fat underneath your chin.   Our favorite product – Kybella, (click here to learn more) – is an injectable that physically disrupts the cell membrane, causing the destruction of fat cells.  We personally worked with the FDA during the clinical trials for Kybella, so we’ve seen the positive results firsthand.

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Here at Werschler Aesthetics, we have so many options for you, from make-up, injectables and everything in between.  So please contact us or stop by with any questions.