Cute Boots and P.S. Lattes on Deck

Yesterday I decided the best part of summer ending is the pumpkin spice lattes I’ll soon be enjoying and cute boots I’ll soon be wearing. Don’t get my wrong, I love summer and all the joy it brings. But fall might be my favorite season. (Note: I reserve the right to change my mind should we have a snowy winter!)



This year I’ve noticed all my summer fun has taken a toll on my skin. For whatever reason it feels like I can’t scrub away a summers worth of lake water and sunscreen no matter how hard I try. You know what that means…



It’s a perfect time for another glycolic facial (sometimes called a glycolic acid peel). Glycolic acid is a chemical that appears in nature, being derived from sugar cane as a fruit acid. It’s special property is it’s small size, being diminutive in atomic size means that can really get deep into your skin, removing epidermal layers that can be coated with oil and dirt build up, which gives that new and fresh skin underneath a chance to show off!

Werschler August Special: Get a 60-Min Glycolic facial for $90 or 6-Pack for $450 by the end of August.

There are few side effects to this treatment, sometimes a redness of skin, or a little burning sensation during the procedure. But once you’re finished you’ll be prepped to look extra cute in your favorite pair of boots while enjoying your favorite hot beverage. Click here to learn more about the Glycolic or any other facial treatment we offer at Werschler Aesthetics.