Luxury Silk Lashes

Everyone loves long, dark and exquisite lashes that make your eyes stand out, and a few of us are blessed with those beautiful lashes naturally. For the rest of us, applying hefty amounts of mascara or gluing on those fake lashes can be the only alternatives. Which is why  we are excited about a new product offering that will boost those lashes to a camera ready level – Luxury Silk Eyelashes! To celebrate, we are offering special introductory pricing for the entire month of April.

These lashes are made of silk, making them softer, thinner, fluffier, and more flexible than synthetic or mink eyelashes. They can hold the curl longer and more resemble natural hair, and being lighter, they don’t weigh down the natural eyelashes and last longer than the other types. Our process includes placing an extension on each individual natural lash, creating volume and length, and that equals big, brash and full lashes!

Of course, there are some quick tips that will help your lashes last longer and look better – let the adhesive fully dry by avoiding water, oils, and moisture for the first whole day once they’re applied, in fact, keep oils away altogether, using oil free facial cleansers and products around the eyes at all times. Keep away from manual lash curlers, perms and waterproof mascara on lashes.

If you choose to wear mascara, use one that is free from glycol and urea. Be conscious of the fact that even if you wear lash extension safe mascara, regular application can be detrimental. Thoroughly cleaning mascara from your lashes becomes a vigorous task, and remember, lash extensions can fall out due to excessive rubbing. Wearing mascara every now and again is OK but proceed with caution.

To keep your lashes fresh and full, we recommend that you get a fill every two or three weeks, because we all shed a few lashes every day depending their strength and growth rate, and that’s due to several factors – genetics, cosmetics, seasons, and athletic activities. With proper application, home care, products, and regular lash fill appointments you will prolong the life of your extensions.

We love this product – and know you will too – so for the month of April, Luxury Silk is only $100!