Skin Care Tips for the Winter Sport Enthusiast

Winter season is here, and for a lot of us that means winter fun. However, don’t forget that being outside in the elements of winter poses some adverse effects on your skin if you don’t take the right precautions to safeguard yourself from the cold, dry air. So before you head up to the mountains, here are some tips for maintaining healthy skin.

Tip One: Apply Plenty Of Sunscreen.

For most of us, sunshine makes us happy, but it can really do a number on your skin. Keep in mind that you are getting a double dose of those harmful rays (from the sun and reflected off of the snow). UV exposure on the slopes can cause permanent damage to your skin, causing age spots and dark spots that we don’t want. Make sure that you wear the right clothing and hats to reduce exposure to the sun. Being up on the mountains for extended periods of time means you’ll need a strong sunscreen. We suggest our iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 for broad spectrum protection, it even comes in PerfectTint Brown for the sun kissed look on the slopes.

Tip Two: Stay Hydrated

Skiing or boarding is hard work, and you will lose a lot of moisture through sweat and evaporation, and making sure that you have plenty of fluids is key to having well hydrated skin, and plenty of water helps your body work more efficiently as you’re riding. Remember that well hydrated skin is more resistant to environmental toxins and drying out.

Tip Three: Protect Your Lips

Lips are especially sensitive to the winter cold and all those extra UV rays. We suggest that you wear some type of lip balm with sunscreen in it. We love Skin Medica’s TNS Lip Plump,  it adds extra moisture, increased volume, and growth factors for beautiful lips. If your lips do get dry, remember that licking them will only help take more moisture out of them. So always have some of our lip balm nearby to protect from sun exposure and our natural tendency to lick them.

Tip Four: Regularly Clean, Moisturize And Exfoliate.

The winter elements can remove a lot of moisture from your skin, so its important to apply a cream or moisturizer that can help keep your body’s natural oils where they should be: in your skin. We suggest iS Clinical Super Serum for protection from wind and sun damage. If you suffer from severely dry skin, try using Epicuren HydroPlus –  it’s great for deep moisturizing needs. We also love Skin Medica TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream, it will leave your skin feeling very moist and plump; as well as provide growth factors to boost collagen growth. After your day of fun, we recommend Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream for intense repair. And while those hot showers feel great, they can wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure that you gently exfoliate your skin and lips, we recommend Skin Medica Retinol Complex or the new GlyPro products to pamper yourself while cleaning up. And make sure to get a hot beverage in the lodge after a long day of riding!