Treatment for Fine Lines

Knowing the varying technologies and understanding the dynamics and nuances of each filler is important, according to Dr. Werschler.

In today’s U.S. aesthetics market, there are many fillers, treatments, and methods to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Although no two filler products are exactly the same, they need to be effectively categorized so physicians can make clear choices amongst them; taking into consideration that when skin ages, the texture, collagen, and surface of the skin changes too.

As fillers become more sophisticated, physicians are more effectively addressing the individual characteristics that involve wrinkles, volume, and shape.

Each client is different, therefore there is no “miracle” filler or treatment option that can be applied to all skin types.

Modern-day products have become multi-purpose facial-shaping agents, capable of everything from volumizing and contouring to lifting, shifting, and promoting collagen growth.

Werschler Aesthetics Spa focuses on providing our clients with the most effective treatment option to treat fine lines, loss of volume, and loss of collagen.

Steadily moving forward into the future, Werschler Aesthetics has the most contemporary, state-of-the-art technology in skin care, making it one of the top influential medical spas in the country.

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