What Does Make-up Have in Common with Chlorine Bleach?

Common house hold items, often comprised of artificial man-made chemicals, usually come with warning labels when they can be dangerous to people. These labels warn the consumer that certain products should not be mixed with a specific chemical or another product. For example, chemicals found in Ammonia and Chlorine Bleach create toxic fumes when mixed together, which can be extremely dangerous, especially if inhaled. These fumes attack cells and their membranes, especially in the lungs and eyes, which can eventually result in death. Luckily, many people are aware of these dangers and avoid mixing chemicals and products, but what about mixing skin care products?


Rarely do skin care products possess such warning labels, but that does not mean they are always safe to mix with other skin care products. Mixing two separate skin care products, that are not meant to be mixed together, or that are produced by two different manufactures can cause severe skin irritation and possibly burning.

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