Restorsea Pro Intensive Hand Treatment 10x


If you live in Spokane chances are you have some method for keeping your hands moisturized and baby-soft. Restorsea Pro Intensive Hand Treatment 10x is ours. In fact, our own Pam Werschler recently said that the Intensive Hand Treatment 10x is the only thing saving her hands in this dry weather! 

Not only does the Intensive Hand Treatment keep your hands moisturized, but it also fights signs of aging. Allure even named it one of the 7 best products to anti-age your hands. In their review, they wrote: “This anti-aging treatment is only available through licensed physicians, but it’s worth picking up before you leave your next appointment. It softens and restores the youthful appearance of your hands without feeling dense or leaving behind any residue.” (Link: The 7 Best Products to Anti-Age Your Hands.)



Apply a pea-size amount of this award-winning formula at least three times a day to reduce the appearance of dry patches and dark spots.

Jonathan McClung