Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion


Lightweight to the touch and delivering a just-right amount of natural shimmer, this lotion hydrates and nourishes your skin as it imparts a holiday-worthy glow. Its infusion of minerals capture, diffuse and soften light to create a subtle veil of warmth and shimmer. Diamond dust gives your skin a dazzling luminescence while nourishing botanical extracts rejuvenate and soften skin's texture. The result? Radiant skin with a silky smooth finish.


How to use:

Face: Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand. Use your ring finger to pat onto cheekbones, brow bones, temples and/or the bridge of your nose. Blend and smooth product into your skin, then wash hands.

Body: Squeeze an amount the size of a quarter into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together two or three times to distribute the product across your palms. Apply to any exposed skin one section at a time until the product is absorbed. Layer for desired coverage and glow. Wash hands and allow the product to dry completely before dressing.

Jonathan McClung