Pro Firming Eye Serum


The Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. However, don’t mistake this serum as merely another moisturizer.
Allure summed it up best in their review of the Restorsea Pro Firming Eye Serum:

“…Having long believed that eye cream was basically just face moisturizer in a tinier jar priced up to cater to that delicate undereye area, I had eschewed eye cream, thinking: Who needs it? It's just tiny moisturizer! Turns out my thirsty under-eyes do.

“The tricky part about dehydrated skin versus dry skin is that the former lacks water (whereas dry skin lacks oil) so you need ingredients that are hydrating, i.e., ones that bring in moisture rather than just seal in moisture as an emollient-based cream would. The solution comes in the form of this eye serum. Loaded with a bunch of powerful ingredients, including brown algae, fermented yeast, caffeine, oat extract, and roe, this liquid-y eye treatment not only depuffs and gradually gets rid of dark circles (the nongenetic kind, anyway); it also babies that delicate area with hydrating and plumping ingredients from the sea.”

Sable Yong. "Restorsea Pro Firming Eye Serum Actually Quenched My Dehydrated Undereye Area." allure, 

You can read the whole article from allure here – they even named this Pawduct a Best of Beauty 2017 Award Winner!  

Restorsea Pro Firming Eye Serum is available in Spokane at Werschler Aesthetics.