Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist


The Epicuren Refresh Cucumber Mist is an extremely light weight mist that works to replenish and hydrate skin that has been in the sun all day long. The mist contains beneficial, all natural ingredients like aloe, green tea, and cucumber extracts as well as peppermint extract that all contain refreshing, cooling, and soothing properties. For instance, the aloe vera found in this product contains powerful healing and soothing qualities that can help the skin repair wounds, cuts, and burns. The peppermint extract carries astringent qualities to help tone the skin. The green tea extract has potent antioxidants, which fight off signs of aging and the Cucumber extract and oil contains soothing properties but also lends a unique, fresh, and natural fragrance to the skin. All of these natural ingredients combined form a thin mist that offers amazing results. This Epicuren product is a great and quick fix for many reasons. Not only will the mist replenish the skin all day, but it can also provide a more glowing complexion after makeup has faded or become dull looking.



Mist over clean skin and/or hair as desired. Reapply often - or as needed - to maintain healthy skin. May be used daily. Tip: Keep this mist in your summer bag for quick post-sun relief.

Jonathan McClung