Tri-Active Exfoliant


iS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliant is a premium face exfoliator that creates true transformation by combining powerful botanical enzymes, salicylic acid, and eco-friendly micro-beads. Working as both a physical and biochemical exfoliant, this pawduct dramatically smooths, brightens and softens your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This exfoliant provides a deep-clean to prevent breakouts and shrink pore-size, leaving you with beautifully bright, soft and clear skin.


Who is this for?

People with all skin types who experience rough skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and enlarged or congested pores. Also for use on acne-prone or dull, lifeless skin.


• Instantly smoothes and polishes skin
• Gives the appearance of smaller pores
• Visibly improves the signs of aging
• Helps improve the appearance of blemish-prone skin
• Safe and effective physical and biochemical exfoliation
• Paraben-free